Pretty Pumpkins

This is my first blog – so I thought I would go quite creative and show you how I like to design, easy and pretty pumpkins 🎃

I started by picking up pumpkins, during my daily trip to Tesco, I got two for £3.


Before I started to decorate them I gave them a quick wipe to get as much of the dirt off as I could, just so I could start with a fresh pumpkin.

For my first pumpkin I wanted to go with an Autumnal theme (my favourite season). I personally find Autumn amazing, the colours, the conkers and the cosiness, warm my stone heart.

Anyway, I began by using double sided tape and wrapped it round the middle of the pumpkin.

Then I stuck my (fake) Autumn leaves onto the tape, in no particular order.

I ordered the leaves from amazon for around £2 – I should’ve went outside and got them but it’s always raining.


My second pumpkin was more of a ‘glam’ theme.

I began by painting the pumpkin a gold/copper metallic colour.

I then used my gorgeous copper/burnt orange glitter and drowned the pumpkin in it.


Once the glitter pumpkin was dry I placed the two pumpkins together and scattered the leaves around them with a set of fairy lights, to give it a cosier feel.

I am obsessed with these pumpkins and hope they give you some inspiration to do your own thing.

All my items were really cheap which made this even better. You can get the paint, glitter and leaves from amazon and the pumpkins from any supermarket you are closest to!

Thanks for reading my first blog and I hope you join me on my journey in the blogging world x

Published by

Nikki Roberts

🌸I'm a 20yr old, media student from Scotland, who enjoys adding DIY ideas to peoples lives.🌸

22 thoughts on “Pretty Pumpkins

  1. What a lovely idea that is Nikki and so on trend for the season! Beautiful pumpkins by a beautiful talented girl .. well done.. look forward to the rest of your blog xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved the demonstration video. Has made me want to try myself. Combination of glam glitter and natural leaves gorgeous together. Beautiful to come home to after awesome autumn walk. Cosy and glam. Love it. Looking forward to next post. X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great ideas Nikki! I’m in the USA and they go all out here decorating with pumpkins for Fall but I’ve never seen anything like this.


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