DIY Beaded Jeans

Are you sick of wearing the same old, boring, jeans? Me too!

If you are wanting to create a colourful and easy DIY look then keep reading!





I thought I’d go for my ‘baggy’ jeans as I feel they are easy to work with and also great for casual or dressy outfits.


I started by looking to see what materials and accessories I had lying around.

I found some beads and ribbon that I had bought from my favourite shop, Flying Tiger, this shop is full of creative items and also not expensive. I will link this shop at the bottom of the page.

I then had a look at the jeans and decided where I would like to create an easy but creative statement.

I began to sew beads to the rim of the pocket in no particular order or colour, I just wanted it to look random and not structured. This does take some patience if you are not the best at sewing, like me!



Make sure you get the beads on tight so that they don’t fall off, especially when being washed.

Once I had finished the pockets I decided I wanted another statement.

I cut a short piece of ribbon and slid on some beads. I then sewed this item onto the rip of the jeans at the knee.

I feel this added some more colour to the jeans and made them very unique and fun.

This is a simple DIY idea – which doesn’t take long.







It’s a great money saver and a way to make your clothes unique. 🌸

Watch my demonstration video below for some extra guidance on how to create your own beaded jeans!


Flying Tiger online shop –

Visit my pictures – full of my personal pictures I took that inspire me to be creative.


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Nikki Roberts

🌸I'm a 20yr old, media student from Scotland, who enjoys adding DIY ideas to peoples lives.🌸

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