Autumn Leaves

Since it is the last month of Autumn, I decided to do something creative with the Autumn leaves I used for my ‘pretty pumpkins’ blog. This is a great idea on how to re-use items from Halloween that you are not ready to throw away.

This item is a bit more creative than the normal picture of you and a friend in a picture frame, it adds some colour and creativeness to your room! IMG_1567

Look out some old picture frames for this idea or pick up a cheep one. You won’t need a fancy one as the leaves do all the creative work.

I covered one of the back/board part of the frames, with white paper, so that when I added the leaves, the colours would stand out more. I left the other frame with the normal background just to show that you can keep it the way it already is.

So, because I decided to recycle the leaves from my pumpkins blog, I thought I should also use the same products like the gold paint and the burnt orange glitter just to keep with the theme.


I took one of the leaves, painted it and then began to sprinkle glitter round the edges and lightly into the middle of the leaf.

while the painted leaf was drying I began on the other picture frame idea. This one is extremely simple. I put the four leaves in a straight line onto to background that was covered by white paper.

Straight away I loved this as it was so simple but also so creative and had the cosy autumn feel to it.

IMG_1583Once the painted leaf was dry, I placed it onto to plain brown background. I found this went extremely well as it created a warm feel and looked great next to the other picture frame.


watch my demonstration video below!!!


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Nikki Roberts

🌸I'm a 20yr old, media student from Scotland, who enjoys adding DIY ideas to peoples lives.🌸

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