Pom Pom Jar

I had so much fun working with pom poms last week, therefore I had to do something else with them this week!

I decided to create something super easy but also something that looks unique and could brighten up any room.

All you need for this item is an empty jar and a whole load of colourful pom poms. IMG_1289

I filled the jar up with the pom poms and tried to keep the colours mixed. I then added some fairy lights into the jar for something extra, which was really nice and gave off a pink light because of the bright pink pom poms.

However, I actually preferred the pom pom jar without the fairy lights as I think thought the colours were bold enough.


This is a great idea if you feel you want to brighten up your bedroom or any room you like!

I put my jar on my bedroom shelf, which looks really nice, it really stands out and adds more life into my room.

There is just something about pom poms – I love them!

Watch my short video on how I created my pom pom jar!


Published by

Nikki Roberts

🌸I'm a 20yr old, media student from Scotland, who enjoys adding DIY ideas to peoples lives.🌸

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