Rose Gold Heart

I have had this heart for years now. It was baby pink and always made my room feel more colourful and fun.img_2177.jpg

Recently I started to get a bit bored of it but didn’t want to get rid of it. Therefore I thought if I painted it and made it a bit more stylish then I would like it more.

I didn’t want to change it too much so I thought rose gold would be a nice colour as it still has that pink undertone through it. I also thought that because its going to be going on top of baby pink that it would work out well.

I used a spray paint because its so much faster and because this heart has a lot of curves the spray paint will make it a lot easier to reach them.


I did this outside as the paint goes everywhere! I also hung the heart on an coat hanger which made it extremely easy to reach all areas.

Then I left the heart outside for around an hour to dry.

I was so pleased with the way it turned out, it looks so much more stylish, fun and expensive.

Watch my demonstration video below!!

Published by

Nikki Roberts

🌸I'm a 20yr old, media student from Scotland, who enjoys adding DIY ideas to peoples lives.🌸

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