Revamped Coat Hooks

I recently bought a pack of three coat hooks, from Primark, for £2. They were plain white and very boring. However I need somewhere to hang my hundreds of pointless hoodies.

I thought giving these coat hooks a make over would be a great excuse for a new blog.

I wanted to create something simple and cheap to show you a way to make something look so much more fun and expensive so easily.

The paint I used was from Homebase it was a Dulux tester called ‘Gentle Lavender’.  The other paint I used was Painters Touch in a gold colour.

The Dulux paint was such a lovely colour but this kind of paint is mainly used for walls so it did feel quite rough once it was dry. However the Painters Touch paint went on very smoothly.

These do need a few coats as the hooks are quite tricky to paint so you need to touch up a lot in order to make sure the full thing its covered in paint.

Once dry you should apply a layer of ‘Mod Podge’ which is a glue/top coat. This makes the rough feeling of the paint, especially the purple paint, feel smooth and also gives a nice shine.

These coat hooks are suddenly so stylish that I almost don’t want to hang my hoodies on them. They would look so nice with signs or even fairy lights hanging on them.

Watch my demonstration video below and please like and share! X

Published by

Nikki Roberts

🌸I'm a 20yr old, media student from Scotland, who enjoys adding DIY ideas to peoples lives.🌸

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