Vintage Photo Frame

I really love adding some colour and life to anything I can. This blog idea adds so much more fun to the photo frame that was once black.

I used the Dulux ‘Lemon Tropics’ tester. This is such a lovely colour, especially for Spring. The colour does go on a bit rough but as this is a vintage style photo frame thats okay. It’s meant to look quite rough so if black parts are showing through then it doesn’t matter. IMG_2558

Once I had left it to dry I touched up some parts and then added a glitter paint to the edges. I personally think it just helps them stand out. The paint does show glitter because I don’t put a lot on, I only use this paint for a nice shine and to help parts stand out.


I really enjoyed creating this blog idea and I love the finished product!


Watch the demonstration video below!

Lampshade with Buttons

This is quite an edgy blog idea. If you are into quite weird things then I am sure you will like this.

I like quite quirky things in my room so came up with the idea of turning a plain lampshade into a fun and colourful one. IMG_2573

I thought it would be quite fun to cover the whole lampshade in buttons. The buttons would be in all different shapes and sizes as I didn’t want it all the same colour, I wanted it to look random.


Make sure you have a glue gun for this as it speeds things up, instead of using normal glue. The task does take a while but it really is worth it, it adds so much colour and personality to a room.

watch my demonstration video below!

DIY File Holder

This blog is great if you are student. Keeping things organised is something most of us aren’t too good at.

This file holder is perfect to keep your paper work and stationary organised.

I originally picked this us in B&M for £2. It looked so boring as it was plain white and also had scratches all over it. However I knew I would be able to give it a makeover.


I decided I would just spray paint it as it is a lot less time consuming and I also think it was easier to make sure the whole thing is painted.

I used the rose gold spray paint that I also used in the rose gold heart blog.


The paint looked great but I wanted to add a wee extra to it. I had spare fabric lying about so I drew the outline of the heart onto the fabric and then cut it out and stuck it on.

This is such a simple idea which could completely change the look of something and make it look 10x better.

Give this blog idea a go and let me know how you got on!

Watch my demonstration video below!

Revamped Coat Hooks

I recently bought a pack of three coat hooks, from Primark, for £2. They were plain white and very boring. However I need somewhere to hang my hundreds of pointless hoodies.

I thought giving these coat hooks a make over would be a great excuse for a new blog.

I wanted to create something simple and cheap to show you a way to make something look so much more fun and expensive so easily.

The paint I used was from Homebase it was a Dulux tester called ‘Gentle Lavender’.  The other paint I used was Painters Touch in a gold colour.

The Dulux paint was such a lovely colour but this kind of paint is mainly used for walls so it did feel quite rough once it was dry. However the Painters Touch paint went on very smoothly.

These do need a few coats as the hooks are quite tricky to paint so you need to touch up a lot in order to make sure the full thing its covered in paint.

Once dry you should apply a layer of ‘Mod Podge’ which is a glue/top coat. This makes the rough feeling of the paint, especially the purple paint, feel smooth and also gives a nice shine.

These coat hooks are suddenly so stylish that I almost don’t want to hang my hoodies on them. They would look so nice with signs or even fairy lights hanging on them.

Watch my demonstration video below and please like and share! X

Revamped Small Plant Pots

This blog is to show you a very simple way to make your homeware fun and unique.

I thought I would use my two plain silver plant pots to show you a quick and easy tip on how to decorate with some patterned fabric.


The fabric I got is from ‘Flying Tiger’, it is the same fabric I used in my Christmas tree blog.

I only covered the top bit in the fabric as I thought it would look quite cool that way. So I measured out the width I would need to cut and then simply cut it.

Once cut, peel the back bit off and try to stick it on quickly as the fabric is so thin it starts to roll up.IMG_2207This immediately makes the plant pots look so much more unique and colourful. Adding colour fabric to anything would do this, just a wee hint of it makes such a difference.

Watch my demonstration video below!


Pastel Jewellery Holder

I am really into revamping my old homeware just now. IMG_2048

I found this old, cream, vintage Jewellery holder that I thought needed a bit of a make-over.

It just looked a bit done and needed a bit of colour. I took a trip to Homebase to look for some paint would like to use. I came across a vintage, chalk like, duck egg blue paint. I thought this would be perfect, keeping it to the same vintage, crackled style but adding a hint of colour.


This paint was great, I used two coats and the it really did have a good chalky finish.

I left the paint to dry and then decided to wrap some fairy lights round it just to give it an extra feature. I hung some of my necklaces on it for show but it also looks good just as an ornament without all the Jewellery on it.

This was an extremely simple and fun make-over and I am obsessed with the finished product.

Have a look at my demonstration video below!


Rose Gold Heart

I have had this heart for years now. It was baby pink and always made my room feel more colourful and fun.img_2177.jpg

Recently I started to get a bit bored of it but didn’t want to get rid of it. Therefore I thought if I painted it and made it a bit more stylish then I would like it more.

I didn’t want to change it too much so I thought rose gold would be a nice colour as it still has that pink undertone through it. I also thought that because its going to be going on top of baby pink that it would work out well.

I used a spray paint because its so much faster and because this heart has a lot of curves the spray paint will make it a lot easier to reach them.


I did this outside as the paint goes everywhere! I also hung the heart on an coat hanger which made it extremely easy to reach all areas.

Then I left the heart outside for around an hour to dry.

I was so pleased with the way it turned out, it looks so much more stylish, fun and expensive.

Watch my demonstration video below!!